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The Mack Group, LLC considers the following questions when planning the remediation of mold:


  • Are there existing moisture problems in the building?
  • Have building materials been wet more than 48 hours?
  • Are there hidden sources of water or is the humidity too high (high enough to cause condensation)?
  • Are building occupants reporting musty or moldy odors?
  • Are building occupants reporting health problems?
  • Are building materials or furnishings visibly damaged?
  • Has maintenance been delayed or the maintenance plan been altered?
  • Has the building been recently remodeled or has building use changed?
  • Is consultation with medical or health professionals indicated?


Mold Testing
Mold Testing


Mold Testing
Mold Testing


Planning the Project


The section requires that an exposure assessment be conducted before the Microbial job is begun. Information needed for that assessment, includes data relating to prior similar jobs, as applied to the specific variables of the current job. The information needed to conduct the assessment will be useful in planning the project. Thus, although the standard does not explicitly require the preparation of a written microbial removal plan, the usual constituents of such a plan, i.e., a description of the enclosure, the equipment, and the procedures to be used throughout the project, must be determined before the enclosure can be erected.


The following information must be included in the planning of the system:


  • A physical description of the work area;
  • A description of the approximate amount of material to be removed; A schedule for turning off and sealing existing HVAC systems; Personnel hygiene procedures;
  • A description of personal protective equipment and clothing to be worn by employees;
  • A description of the local exhaust ventilation systems to be used and how they are to be tested; A description of work practices to be observed by employees;
  • An air monitoring plan (Furnished by the CIH, IH, IAQ, etc..;
  • A description of the method to be used to transport waste material; and the location of the dumpsite.


Project Planning
Project Planning


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